MXDX: The Kit Kat Jingle | Composer Michael A. Levine on his career and composing the "Gimme a Break" Kit Kat jingle

In this episode, I speak with composer Michael A. Levine on his career and the story behind composing the "Gimme a Break" Kit Kat jingle.

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Michael Levine Bio (Source)

Michael A. Levine is the composer for the hit series Siren on Freeform. He recently finished recording his song "Running" with legendary vocalist Roberta Flack for the feature film 3100. He was awarded eight ASCAP awards for his work on the Jerry Bruckheimer/CBS dramas Cold Case and Close to Home. He scored the Lego DC Supergirls film, Brain Drain, the not-yet-released George Lucas-produced Star Wars Detours animated Star Wars parody, and the award-winning documentary, Landfill Harmonic, for which he wrote its Oscar-shortlisted song, Cateura - Vamos a Soñar . His theme song (Go Tell Aunt Rhody/Everybody’s Dead) for Resident Evil VII Biohazard VR - the first VR game in the RE series – has become a viral hit as was Lorde's version of Everybody Wants to Rule the World which he produced along with chart-topping records for Nat and Alex Wolff. Michael also composed the theme for Scrat, the sabertooth squirrel featured in the Ice Age shorts. 

Levine provided additional music and violin on a number of Hans Zimmer scores, including Dunkirk, The Simpsons Movie, Batman: The Dark Knight, Megamind, and Rango. Michael's choir arrangement of Spider Pig was conducted by Hans at the Hollywood Bowl in 2015. Levine’s concert music includes Anthem, performed by piano virtuoso Lang Lang in 2014 in Beijing. An upcoming album features duets with percussionist great Evelyn Glennie on mallets and Michael on electric violin.

Michael began his career in advertising where he composed the classic Kit Kat candy bar “Gimme a Break” jingle.

Levine was a Governor of the Television Academy (Emmys) Music peer group for two consecutive terms from 2013-2017.

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